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It’s the middle of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  With temperatures dipping, days getting shorter, nights a-longer, and every limb of my body becoming ice… you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be honing my layering techniques.

One great way to layer is, of course, with a good ol’ scarf.  One cannot underestimate THEM SCARVES.


THE “LOVING MY INNER INDECISIVENESS” SCARF – I’m not exactly sure what kind of style they’re called… but you know those ones where the two sides aren’t the same in colour/pattern?  Two-tone, reversible scarves?? Anyway, I love my tartan/herringbone one which I got from one of the markets in London while travelling.  It’s super versatile and just adds that extra bit of interest to your winter ootd.  Also, this scarf is pretty huge and chunky – perfect for face-burying when walking from A to B.


THE CLASSIC – A classic soft grey scarf can do no one no wrong – ’nuff said.


THE SECURITY BLANKET-SCARF – I absolutely love my aztec-y blanket scarf, which I stole inherited from mamabear.  It’s also super soft and who doesn’t love being wrapped up in a huge soft blanket scarf!


THE RED KNIT – Everyone has gotta have that one red knitted scarf, or that one red scarf – for those days you’re feeling sick of the dreary gloom that is winter.  Putting on this red knit scarf always adds that extra spring into my step.

Stay tuned: a video on my winter favourites – which is not just limited to scarves!

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