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When in Belgium, eat chocolate and waffles, and that, I did.  And oh, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with a bunch of my recommendations in this post!

Why the lack of pictures?  Scoffed it all down.  Have quite the dessert-tooth.  And hey, you know what, some things are best left to experience than being captured 😉

On my Spring trip in Europe (and actually, also my Winter trip with my sister), we visited Brussels and Bruges.  Brussels seems very small and I think you could do all the city’s sightseeing in 1 full day.  However, we were very fortunate to have accommodation with our family friend there and really got to relax and live a local lifestyle!

The most memorable place in Brussels was the Grand Place/Grote Markt, which is the city’s square.  It is one of the most beautiful squares I have ever seen!  We mainly hung around the historic part of town (that’s where all the chocolatiers are), and went to the Atomium as well (this was interesting for the exhibits that were on at the time – which was like creative furniture – pretty interesting! But expensive tickets for what it was!), as well as, I guess, the interesting structure.  We also went to the Natural Science Museum which was actually super cool.

I found the fact that there are three official languages in Belgium – being French, Dutch (a different dialect to the Netherlands’ Dutch and colloquially known as ‘Flemish’, and German, super fascinating.  You’ll see signs with all three languages everywhere you go.  Our family friend told us that to get a good job in Belgium, you’ll need to know a minimum of 5 languages!  Imagine being able to speak 5 languages!  How awesome would that be?!!


Inter-city travel:  We also visited Bruges, which is a very picturesque town and I found the Dutch style of architecture (in particular, the stepped gable) very quaint!  The train from Brussels to here is super easy to catch.  Actually, the whole train system was amazing – good one, Belgium!

Inter-country travel:  For both my Spring and Winter trips, we took a bus into Belgium – super convenient and cheap for those of you on a budget.  Super easy to book online as well and pretty hassle free!  The trip was pretty comfortable.  I really rate iDBUS (which I think might now be called OUIBUS?)


  • Waffles and speculoosMaison Dandoy – one of Belgium’s oldest bakery (like 180 years?).  Oh my god.  Best waffles of my life – I got the Belgium waffle (totally worth the wait) with dark chocolate on top – the texture was so light a crisp, but still fluffy and hearty.  OH.  MAN.  Waffle.  Heaven.
  • Chocolate – pop into Galerie de la Reine which houses some of Belgium’s finest and famous chocolatiers.  Neuhaus was lovely – we sat in the middle of the beautiful Galerie and had some heavenly hot chocolate and other chocolate goodies – a meal in itself, really.  We couldn’t resist, and we went back again, and then also bought like tonnes of chocolate as souvenirs.  Also, try Pierre Marcolini, Godiva (the strawberries there are somehow nicer) and Leonidas.  For a list of top 10 famous chocolatiers – here.
  • Beer – I’m not much of a beer drinker but I did try some … and I guess it was good?  Not a beer expert so I’ll just leave it at that.
  • Fries (aka Frites) – try them with different sauces!  The classic is the andalouse sauce.  Get yours from world famous Maison Antoine – where you stand and eat (or takeaway) but you know, very cool vibes.
  • If you love Seafood go to Noordzee – althought I’m vegetarian, my mum (who’s not) loved it.  I also had the vege bits and can vouch that those bits were yum.
  • Also, this was where I discovered you could get freshly squeezed orange juice at Carrefour Express – I LOVED IT.  More please.