Egmont St Eatery: casual chic

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No doubt about it – this is one of my favourite places in Wellington.  Egmont St Eatery does amazing… everything!  (Ok, clearly you’re going to see how food reviews of my favourite places are going to go…).

I love love LOVE their waffles and also their French toast – they change the flavours (as with other items on their menu) every now and then.  These two dishes are just what you need when you’re after a sweet brunch item but don’t want to get food envy of those around you ordering savoury items (this often happens to me, I don’t know why) – but yea, no regrets ever when I order these items!  As for days where you’ll feel more like a savoury breakfast, their baked white beans on cornbread with a summer bean salad (herb emulsion and also avocado on the side) is delicious.  Recently, I discovered a new favourite – which was a very simple but incredibly delicious combination of mashed-potato style polenta with mushrooms (it tastes better than it sounds, I swear).

Did I also mention that they do doughnuts?  Well, they do.  The flavours are bomb and the texture just what you need when you’re craving a doughnut, or two.  And don’t even get me started on their scones, which are perfect for a light snack/breakfast item!

Style:  Western cuisine with sometimes some fusion inspired dishes.  Fresh quality ingredients, modern twists, and fantastic combinations of flavours.

Great for:  breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee catch-up, late night desserts.  They also do dinner but to be honest I haven’t been for dinner yet (I’m for of a brunch kinda gal haha)!

Egmont St Eatery personified:  Egmont St Eatery is classy without being too in your face – one might say, that Egmont St Eatery is very much casual chic.

Vegetarian friendly!

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