Adventures in Europe

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Before my full-time career had begun, I went gallivanting around Europe with co-conspirators, mum and sister.  So the story goes that I got a year off between my summer clerkship at the law firm and fully starting my career at said law firm.  In my year off, I was going to cure a major travel bug of mine – Europe.

I embarked on a journey of deciding whether or not to apply for a UK visa to spend my entire time there or to simply do a trip.  Long story short, I wasted quite a bit of money uhm-ing and ahr-ing and decided in the end to make the most of travel deals and just hop on over to Europe for about a month or so.  Most of my trip was going to be spent travelling with my mum, and the rest by myself/with a good friend who lived in London.  This was an incredible experience in – my Spring in Europe.

Needless to say, the Europe bug wasn’t quite kept at bay, and towards the end of the year, I decided to travel again with my sister (who also caught the Europe travel bug pretty bad).  We travelled, explored, and learnt so much during out 3 months+ time in Europe’s Winter!

So this post is really a prelude/backstory to the following posts to come – I promise pictures, videos, and so much more!

Also, planning to write Europe guide /tips for each of the places we visited!  Anddd maybe you’ll even get the back story of how travelling is in my DNA 😛 (i.e. a background about my parents – I love telling this one – and my family’s love of travel).

Stay tuned!