Pappa Rich: Malaysia’s Colonel Sanders

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Like KFC’s Colonel Sanders, Pappa Rich does classic dishes, and does them well.

With an abundant menu of Malaysian comfort food, friendly service, and dishes that come out preeeetty darn quick, you can’t really go wrong at Pappa Rich.  The quality and taste of the food is also always pretty consistent, and so the price you pay (range from $15 to $22) for main dishes, Papa Rich will no doubt satisfy your cravings.

Did I also mention the array of Malaysian drinks and desserts you can choose from?  Seriously, there’s so much choice here that I often get analysis paralysis!  From teh tarik to milo dinosaur, to roti bom and kaya toast, Pappa Rich really brings me back to street side coffee shops in Malaysia – so, what you really need to do is go and makan there!

Style:  Malaysian classics

Great for:  lunch, dinner, late night cravings for milo dinosaurs and roti bom

Pappa Rich personified:  Malaysia’s Colonel Sanders

Vegetarian friendly – there’s a whole section on vegetarian dishes, and also little footnotes for things that sound vegetarian but aren’t!

P.S. the food comes out looking exactly like the pictures … like.. whuuut?!

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